Medical Abortion (Abortion with pills)


You are not alone! All over the world, millions of people of various backgrounds, beliefs, ethnicities and genders have abortions with pills at home each year. On this page we answer all the questions you might have about using abortion with pills at home, and how to access abortion pills through the Women Help Women service. If you don’t find an answer to your question here, you can contact us by email:

The information below is based on the latest science, newest guidelines of the World Health Organization and on our many years of practical experience in directly supporting people using abortion pills, as well as the knowledge from our partner feminist networks around the world.

3 most frequently asked questions:

Can I take abortion pills safely at home?

How do I get abortion pills?

How much does it cost?


General information about Women Help Women:


Is it safe and legal for me to use this service?


Are the pills good quality and is this service reliable?


I got abortion pills from another source, can I still contact you for support?


When can I expect a response to my email / submission of consultation?


Do you have a phone number or WhatsApp? Can I call you, or contact you through social media?


General information about abortion with pills at home:


What is abortion with pills and how does it work?


Is an abortion with pills at home safe and effective?


How early or late in pregnancy can I use abortion pills?


Before taking the pills:

How can I confirm the pregnancy and its length?

How can I prepare myself for the abortion?

Are there any medical conditions that mean I shouldn’t have an abortion with pills?


What if I have an IUD (contraceptive device inside the uterus)?


What if I have an ectopic pregnancy?


What are the situations/conditions that are NOT a problem for taking the pills?


How can blood pregnancy tests (hCG tests) be used to check the length of pregnancy or the success of an abortion?


How to take the pills:

How should I take the pills if I have mifepristone and misoprostol?

How should I take the pills if I only have misoprostol?


What kinds of pills can be used for abortion?


What if I do not take misoprostol exactly 24 hours after mifepristone – can I take it earlier or later?


What is the difference between using misoprostol under the tongue, in the cheek, and vaginally?


What if I throw up after taking the pills?


Can I eat or drink while taking the pills?


Can I smoke cigarettes or weed (marijuana) or drink alcohol while taking the pills?


What if I am not pregnant but take the pills anyway?


What happens if I decide not to take misoprostol after I have already taken mifepristone?


Are there medicines that can ¨stop¨ the abortion at any point?


Are the pills more effective if they are used after 7 weeks of pregnancy?


What if I use less misoprostol pills or don’t use pills in the recommended way?


Can I use the pills after 12 weeks of pregnancy?


Normal symptoms after taking the pills:

When will I start bleeding and what will it look like?

How strong will the pain be? Can I use painkillers?

What are the side effects?

What should I expect to see?



How do I know if something is wrong?

What should I do in case of a complication or emergency?

What should I do if the pregnancy continues after I took the pills?


How much blood is too much?


What if I do not bleed after taking misoprostol?


Do I need an ultrasound or check-up after the abortion?


Do I need a surgical procedure if there are still remains in the uterus after the abortion?


Will a doctor know that I used abortion pills?


Should I use antibiotics?


How do I recognize if have an infection?


What are the symptoms of an allergic reaction to the pills?


Will the abortion pills harm the fetus if the pregnancy continues?


After the abortion:

How do I know the abortion happened?

How should I expect to feel after an abortion?

When can I go back to work / resume normal activities?

When will the pregnancy symptoms disappear?

When will I get my first period after taking abortion pills?


When can I have sex again?


Can I use tampons or menstrual cups?


When can I swim or take a bath?


Will I be able to get pregnant again? How soon?


When can I start using contraceptives?


Is it normal that I am producing milk?


How many abortions can I safely have in my life? Does having abortions affect future pregnancies?