This e-service gives you access to contraceptives and abortion.


Women Help Women puts the medicines you need into your hands - where they belong! It is the right of EVERY woman to control her own life. We trust that you know your needs, and can make your own decisions about your own life and situation, your future.

Women Help Women uses Internet and online consultations to expand access to reproductive health products that women need. Through this non-profit e-service you will receive quality products that are very safe and effective and can be used by women themselves. You can request pills for medical abortion, and several types of contraceptives, such as contraceptive pills, emergency contraceptive (morning after pills) and condoms. You can request a medical abortion alone or with contraceptives for later use. You can request multiple types of contraceptives at the same time. The products will be sent by mail to the address that you give us.  We are here to support you throughout the process.

Women Help Women is a professional group of pro-choice activists and counselors, trained in reproductive health through global work with medical experts and doctors.

Women Help Women combines activism with the provision of reproductive health services. We seek to empower all women with knowledge about reproductive health. 

We say YES to:


We say NO to:

Your power to control and make decisions about your body.

The oppression, silencing or shaming  of women.

Accessible, legal services for contraception and abortion.

Legal or cultural restrictions to access or barriers that only harm women’s health and dignity.

Reliable and comprehensive medical information based on newest standards of care and internationally approved recommendations. 

Access to genuine, high quality medicines.

Out-dated medical procedures and advice, myths that seek to frighten and shame women.

Scams and fake products offered online and offline, and services profiteering from women’s urgent needs.

Collaboration, sisterhood, respect and support for every woman. 

Censorship of information, authorities and gate-keepers that impose their decisions and power on women.