Using Abortion Pills for Safe Abortion in the USA. Self-Managed Abortion; Safe and Supported (SASS).


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In the U.S., abortion is legal in every state, and every state has at least one clinic that provides abortion care. However, in many states the law requires that abortion pills be given by licensed health care clinicians, and a woman may be arrested for using abortion pills that were not obtained through a clinician.

The contents of this webpage are for informational purposes only. The contents are not a substitute for advice from a medical provider.

For information about how to keep your research about abortion private, please read here.

Misoprostol alone, or in combination with mifepristone, is a safe and effective way to end a pregnancy in the first 12 weeks. It is approved by the World Health Organization as a safe abortion method when used by women themselves to 9 weeks and has been used successfully by millions of women* around the world, without a clinician.

Please read all of the following information carefully. This information is based on protocols developed by the World Health Organization.

For any questions use the secure contact form below - trained counselors will answer you within a few hours.

* Women Help Women recognizes that gender-specific terms do not encompass the rights and identities of all people that may seek to end a pregnancy. We believe everyone has the right to feel supported and respected during their abortion experience.

When should abortion pills not be used?

What is important to know before using the abortion pills?

How to use misoprostol for safe abortion before 12 weeks of pregnancy?

How to use mifepristone plus misoprostol for safe abortion?

What will happen after using mifepristone plus misoprostol, or misoprostol alone?

What are the symptoms of complications?

What if there is no bleeding after using the misoprostol?

What happens after the abortion?

How to check if the pills worked?

Where can I find a clinic or help paying for my abortion?

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