What are the disadvantages of the male condom?


Condoms must be used correctly to prevent pregnancy.  If a condom is not put on before the penis touches the vagina, pregnancy can occur, because some sperm may come out of the penis before the condom is put on.  Condoms can be torn accidently with fingernails or jewelry, or when opening the wrapper.  A condom can burst during sex.  If torn, a condom will not be effective.


  • Male condoms come in different sizes.  If the wrong size is used, the male condom can slip off or break during sex, and then it does not offer any protection.
  • When using a male condom, the man has to pull out after he has ejaculated, and before the penis goes soft, holding the condom firmly in place.
  • Men who do not always keep their erection during sex may find it difficult to use a male condom.
  • Condom use requires the consent and cooperation of both partners.  In some relationships, men refuse to use condoms.  Some couples feel that the enjoyment of sex is lessened, because they feel the condom or because they must interrupt their sexual contact to use a condom.
  • If a person has thrush and is treating it using creams, the medical cream could interfere with the effectiveness of a latex condom. Polyurethane condoms can be safely used in this case.