I should make a plan for when I use the medicines and make sure I am able to get to a medical facility.


It is important to make a plan. Although a medical abortion involves very low risks; it is better if the woman is not alone. She can ask a partner, a close friend or family member to be with her. This person can help in case there is a sign of complication and provide emotional support. Also, the woman should think about where she can be comfortable while she is bleeding and think about the best time/day for the abortion when she is free from work or other obligations and can take care of herself.  It is also important to consider whether the woman wants to buy pain medication (ibuprofen is best) and anti nausea medicine if she is concerned about vomiting up the abortion pills.

Part of making a plan is also to establish where is the nearest medical facility and how to get there, should that be needed.

The risk of a complication is low (2-5 women in every 100), 11 and the need for emergency care (that might be needed in case the woman suffers from heavy bleeding) is extremely low (1 in every 2000 women).1,15  However, to make the process as safe as possible, it is important to be near medical care in case of an emergency or a complication throughout the process of abortion.  If a woman lives far from medical care, she should use the medicines where she can access medical care, preferably within one or two hours. She should also plan how she would get to medical care (by car, taxi, or in case of emergency by ambulance).

If possible, the woman should choose a hospital or doctor where she knows that women having miscarriages are treated respectfully.

If a woman seeks medical attention, she does not have to say she used medicines.  She can say she is having a miscarriage.  The symptoms and treatment of a complication of miscarriage is exactly the same as treatment for abortion.

Misoprostol cannot be detected in the blood or any body fluids within a few hours after use.   Even if a hospital claims that they can check to see if a woman took medicines to cause the miscarriage, it is not true. 55

  • Can I use painkillers? When?

    Ibuprofen is the most effective painkiller to use during a medical abortion and does not have any influence on the abortion.  27,28, 29  Ibuprofen can be taken after or before using the misoprostol.  Acetaminophen (paracetamol) or NSAIDs such as naproxine can also be used but are less effective… Читати більше »

  • What happens if I vomit after taking the pills?

    If a woman has a lot of nausea and is worried about vomiting up the pills, she can take a medicine that treats vomiting and nausea (called antiemetic medicine ) before she uses the medicines. It is advisable to either take domperidone or metaclopramide as these medicines won’t interfere with the… Читати більше »