Women Help Women works to increase the availability of reproductive health choices needed to control our reproductive lives.


Our programs:

We work to both increase access to abortion through direct action and change social norms.

Our programs advance online and community access to self-managed abortion and work to create cultural change through this practice.

  • We support local feminist activist groups, train them in self-managed abortion, and connect groups to others in the global movement
  • We design and support innovative interventions using technology, such as online services, hotlines to expand access to abortion
  • We set up projects focused on particular regions such as SASS: Self-Managed Abortion – Safe and Supported in the USA, and co-convene regional networks, including: Mobilizing Activist for Medical Abortion Network (MAMA) in Africa
  • We work on holistic security trainings to empower activism
  • We collaborate on research projects in the domains of public health and social science, needed for evidence-based advocacy (See our publications)
  • We work to disrupt the traditional narratives and change discourse and norms around abortion (See our resources)

Our organizational culture is collaborative, horizontal, open-source and feminist.