Where can I find a clinic or help paying for my abortion?


Abortion is legal in every state in the USA and there are clinics in every state.  We do understand that in many states one must travel quite far to find a clinic.
To find a clinic, you can check National Abortion Federation here or Planned Parenthood here.
Clinics listed at these sites may be able to give you a small grant to help pay for your abortion through the Justice Fund. They can also tell you if Medicaid can help cover the cost of abortion in your state.
If you need financial help, there are funds throughout the US that may be able to give you a loan or grant for part of the costs. Go to National Network of Abortion Fund to find the fund in your state, or call the National Network of Abortion Funds at 617-267-7161. You can also call the helpline at the National Abortion Federation for referrals and funding. The number is 1-800-772-9100 and the best times to call are between 6 and 11:00 PM EST Mon-Friday, noon-9:00 PM EST on Saturdays, or anytime on Sunday 9 AM -9:00 PM EST.
If you choose to self-manage your abortion, please see www.abortionpillinfo.org for information about how you might be able to find the medicines.  If you have the medicines and have any questions before, during or after using them, we are available at this website to support you.  For emotional support, you can also call the All-Options Talkline at 1-888-493-0092 (M-Fri 10-1am, Sa-Su 10-6 EST).