I’m doing a medical abortion – what do I need to know?


  • I should confirm that I am pregnant.

    A woman may recognize the symptoms of pregnancy such as breast tenderness, frequent urination, nausea, and no menstrual period.  1,  2 Pregnancy can be confirmed with: -       A urine pregnancy test. Tests are usually available from pharmacies. These tests are more accurate for detecting an early… Leggi di più »

  • I should know the length of pregnancy / number of weeks I am pregnant

    There are different ways to find out the length of the pregnancy:  2 A woman can count the number of days that have passed since the first day of the woman’s last menstrual period (LMP). Many women make a note of the first day of each menstrual period on a calendar so that they can check it if… Leggi di più »

  • I should make a plan for when I use the medicines and make sure I am able to get to a medical facility.

    It is important to make a plan. Although a medical abortion involves very low risks; it is better if the woman is not alone. She can ask a partner, a close friend or family member to be with her. This person can help in case there is a sign of complication and provide emotional support. Also, the… Leggi di più »