After the abortion


  • Was my abortion successful?

    It is usually possible to know if the abortion was successful because pregnancy symptoms such as breast tenderness and nausea begin to disappear within a few days. Sometimes it is possible to identify the embryo or embryonic sac. Even if the woman feels she is not pregnant anymore, it is important… Читати більше »

  • When can I go back to work?

    As there is a lot bleeding and pain for a few hours after taking misoprostol, women are advised not to work during that time. Most women return to work or school the day after the abortion. 15 It is important that the woman eat healthy food and drink plenty of water and juices and take care of… Читати більше »

  • When can I start contraceptives?

    Women may start hormonal contraception (pill, skin patch, shot, implant) up to 5 days after taking misoprostol. That way they will be immediately protected. 15,35,36 Women who choose the vaginal ring for birth control should insert it 2 or 3 days after taking mifepristone. If a woman starts any… Читати більше »

  • When will the pregnancy symptoms disappear?

    If the abortion was successful, nausea due to pregnancy disappears soon after using the medicines.  15 Breast tenderness can continue for up to 3 weeks in some women. It is also possible for milk to come from the breasts. This is more likely to occur if a woman was more than 12 weeks pregnant. 37… Читати більше »

  • When can I have sex again?

    For precaution against infection, women are advised not to insert anything into the vagina until heavy bleeding stops, approximately for 2 days, after a medical abortion, but there have been no studies on this topic that give conclusive evidence. Читати більше »

  • Can I use tampons?

    During the first 2 days following medical abortion, it is advised NOT to use tampons. 15 Читати більше »

  • Can I swim or take a bath?

    During the first 2 days following medical abortion, it is preferable not to have a bath or to swim. You can take a shower at any time.  15 Читати більше »

  • When will I menstruate again?

    A new cycle starts immediately after medical abortion. Consequently, if women don’t start hormonal contraception, most of them will ovulate 2-4 weeks later 15  and have their next period in 4-6 weeks, but this can take longer. After medical abortion, the next menstruation may be slightly heavier… Читати більше »

  • Is it safe to have more than one abortion?

    It is safe to have more than one abortion. There are no data on a negative effect of having more than one medical abortion on women’s health. 2 Читати більше »

  • Can I still have children after medical abortion?

    Medication abortion does not have any long term impact on women's health or fertility. 31 Most women will ovulate within two or three weeks and will resume menstruation within four to five weeks after the abortion. Thus, a woman can become pregnant within weeks of having a medication abortion and… Читати більше »

  • How will I feel emotionally after the abortion?

    Millions of women around the world have abortions and have no psychological problems afterwards. The most reported emotion after an abortion is one of relief.  In the first weeks after the abortion, while the pregnancy hormones are still in the body, a woman may have many emotions, including relief Читати більше »