• What is ‘Oral Contraception’ (birth control pills)?

    A birth control pill (oral contraception) is a pill that is taken every day time and is 99% effective in preventing pregnancy.  There are two types of birth control pills.  One is a combined pill (COC), which has estrogen and progestin. The other is a progestin only pill (POP).  The most popular… Читать больше »

  • I take a specific brand of contraceptive pill. Will a different brand work the same way?

    Yes, a woman can change the brand of her contraceptive pill. She can choose to change to another brand that has the same active ingredients and same effect and she can also change to another brand with other active ingredients. In both situations the efficacy should be the same.  Commercial… Читать больше »

  • Is it safe to use oral contraceptives without a doctor’s exam?

    Yes, medical experts agree that women with adequate information  can self-screen effectively to see if they can use oral contraceptives. 40,41,42,43,44 Oral contraceptives (“the Pill”) have few health risks for most women.  The Women Help Women consultation for oral contraceptives will help each… Читать больше »