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Samsara focuses on improving the sexual and reproductive health of women in Indonesia
through promoting the integrity and autonomy of women's bodies. Hotline Samsara provides
counselling service that focuses on Unplanned Pregnancy (KTD) situations and reproductive
health counselling. Hotline counselling services can be accessed through telephone
platforms, Signal, and WIRE. Counselling conducted by Samsara Hotline is confidential and
all information that enters the hotline will only be accessed by the counsellor on duty for
counselling purposes.

Working hours:
● Monday to Thursday at 10 AM - 6 PM (GMT+7)
● Friday 10 AM - 5 PM (GMT+7)

Counselling by phone/Signal, hotline number:
● 6282123458300
● 6282123458400
● 6282123458500
● 6282123456600
● 6282123458700
● 628561234530

Counselling form also can be accessed here:

For more information:


Aborsi Aman aims to empower women in providing detailed information on medical abortion for those who already have medicine but lack of good information. aims to provide access to misoprostol, including:
  • providing a list of trusted sellers where women can buy Mifepristone and Misoprostol
  • outreach to online sellers with the offer to be put on a trusted sellers list with the following requirements; guarantee genuine product of misoprostol, adjust their dosage and protocol based on WHO Guidelines


Supermiso is a semi automatic system where women can order their pills. 
Contact via WhatsApp only:  081 99 888 3606 (Indonesian number)



Hotline RRAAM (Reproductive Rights Advocacy Alliance Malaysia)

(WhatsApp ONLY) +60183687950




Safe Abortion Hotline
0307 - 494 07 07 – (Urdu and Penjabi)
0315 - 917 04 08 – (Urdu and Pachto)
0315 - 947 33 66 (Urdu)
0315 - 947 33 99 (Siraki)
These mobile phones services are available all day, every day,  24/7.

the Philippines

Post Abortion Care Hotline
Mobile Number: +639186734444
WhatsApp, Telegram & Viber: +639186734444
FB Messenger:


 Sri Lanka 

“Ask us” Hotline for Contraceptive and Medical Abortion Information

+94 (0) 715903414

+94 (0) 715903417


Safe Abortion Hotlines in Thailand

Tamtang group
Line: @tamtang

Hotline for Aids and Unwanted Pregnancy

Telephone : 1663

RSA Online (Referral System for Safe Abortion)

Online consultation: