5 reasons why your donation really matters


We ask you to donate to a fund gathered at a non-profit organization Women’s Wallet.

Your contribution will:

  1. Make activism for reproductive choice and justice a reality. Women Help Women and our partners work together to promote activism, information and access for all women.
  2. Ensure that women in need from all around the globe can use the contraceptive and abortion e-services of Women Help Women  and get information about reliable local resources.
  3. Provide a safe abortion or contraceptive service to a woman that cannot make any financial contribution herself.
  4. Ensure that Women Help Women stays online and offers information and services to people worldwide.
  5. Support the trained online counseling team to ensure that they are there for you and others. The online team commits to providing information and personalized support and answering emails in many languages, everyday and within a few hours.

Privacy Disclaimer

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If you enter your address, email address or telephone number, then Women's Wallet can contact you by email for updates on donation transactions.

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  • why donate?

    Please contribute as much as you possibly can. We are entirely dependent on the good will of people that support our cause. Each donation helps to keep this organization going and to make the reproductive health information and services available. Women that request the e-service of medical… Leggi di più »