Are there contra-indications or health concerns for emergency contraception, and what are the possible side effects?


Emergency contraceptive pills have no long-term or serious side effects, and emergency contraception is safe for almost every woman to use.

Some women may feel nauseous or may vomit after using emergency contraception.  Some women might get a headache, feel tired or dizzy, have some lower abdominal pain, or find that their breasts are more tender than usual. These symptoms will go away within one or two days. A very small number of women may vomit after taking emergency contraception.  If this happens less than 2 hours after swallowing the pill a woman should take another emergency contraception pill. Some women also find that the pills cause unexpected bleeding; this is not dangerous and will stop by the time the woman has her next period. The pills might also cause a woman’s next period to come slightly early or late.