Abortion Without Borders” aims to help anyone in Poland who contacts them to access a safe abortion. The initiative is the result of collaboration between six activist groups in four countries: Abortion Dream Team (Poland), Kobiety w Sieci (Poland), Women Help Women (global), Ciocia Basia (Germany), Abortion Network Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and Abortion Support Network (United Kingdom).

Anyone who wants information about abortion can contact Kobiety W Sieci (Poland), which has more than 13 years of experience providing people in Poland with pregnancy options counseling, including unbiased, factual information about abortion.

HELPLINE: +48 222922597 every day 8.00AM – 8.00PM

Any caller who wishes to obtain an abortion will be referred to one of the organizations taking part in this project and given information about safe medical abortion pills, internet sources for abortion pills and counseling, advice on abortion clinics, help arranging travel and accommodation, and/or funding towards the cost of abortion abroad.

Services Abortion Without Borders will provide:

  • Pregnancy options counseling, including unbiased, factual information about abortion 
  • Information on reputable organizations offering safe early medical abortion pills
  • Practical information about the least expensive way to arrange abortion and travel
  • Information on clinics in Germany, The Netherlands, the UK and elsewhere for abortion beyond 12 weeks
  • Financial assistance towards the cost of abortion and travel
  • Free accommodation in volunteer homes or in paid accommodation
  • Polish-speaking volunteers (or ability to speak to service users with a translator) as well as translation services at clinics that do not have Polish speaking staff
  • Other forms of support that are necessary and possible.

Abortion Without Borders would like to stress that our activities are all legal:

  •  Giving information about abortion is legal
  • Traveling abroad for abortion is legal
  • Calling the helpline or receiving funding from Abortion Without Borders is legal
  • Ordering early medical abortion pills online is not against the law
  • Taking early medical abortion pills is not against the law
  • There is no way in Polish law to criminalize a pregnant woman who ends a pregnancy.



Kobiety w Sieci - Safe Abortion Hotline:
Monday to Friday between 10.00 and 20.00:

(0048) 725 892 134 all day
(0048) 737 769 715 until 3 PM

People looking for information about medical abortion and support can call Monday - Friday 10.00 do 20.00.




Ciocia Basia

Ciocia Basia is an activist group created to support people from countries where abortion is illegal who want to come to Berlin to have an abortion. We facilitate contact and appointments with confidential, nonjudgmental counselors and medical professionals who offer medical and surgical abortion.
We can also help with the translation and provide free accommodation in volunteer homes in Berlin if needed. We do not profit financially from our activism!

Contact:, +48 22 3970500



We are a group of people that aims to ensure access to safe and legal abortion for people from Poland. If you want to come to Leipzig to get your abortion here, we will help you with all the necessary matters.
We can connect you with doctors that will advise you and determine the next steps. If you would like to, we can also accompany you to the appointments and interpret for you.
There are two methods of termination of pregnancy – medical and surgical abortion. Depending on the method, the cost can vary between 300 and 600 euro. If you can’t afford the treatment, please contact us anyways. Together, we will try to find a solution!
We try to keep your stay in Leipzig as short as possible, but you have to reckon with at least 9 days. If need be, we offer help with planning your arrival and return home. Thanks to our supporters, we are also able to arrange free accommodation for you.
We support every person that seeks access to safe and legal abortion.
We also want to support people who are financially unable to afford an abortion. Therefore, we are dependent on donations from like-minded people. Our work is voluntary and we do not derive any financial benefit from it.

Czech Republic

Ciocia Czesia

Ciocia Czesia helps people living in Poland with access to safe abortion
in Czechia.

Key projects:
Our main goal is to help to Polish people (women, transgender and
non-binary people) with obtaining reliable information about the
possibility of undergoing a safe and legal pregnancy termination in the
Czech Republic. We focus on providing access to terminations regardless
of reason (up to the 12th week of pregnancy) and due to fetal
pathologies (up to the 24th week of pregnancy). We offer financial
support to cover medical costs if needed.


Ireland and Northern Ireland

Abortion Support Network: provides financial assistance and accommodation to those traveling from the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland  to England to access a safe and legal abortion.

Abortion Rights Campaign



Doctors for Choice

We advocate for the advancement of sexual and reproductive rights and services in Malta. We want better sexual education, free and accessible contraception, the decriminalisation of abortion, and the provision of safe and local abortion services.

Aħna favur l-avvanz tad-drittijiet u s-servizzi sesswali u riproduttivi f'Malta. Irridu edukazzjoni sesswali aħjar, kontraċezzjoni aċċessiblu u bla ħlas, id-dekriminalizzazzjoni tal-abort f’Malta, u l-provvediment ta' servizzi tal-abort siguri u lokali.


Social media:   @Drs4ChoiceMalta on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter


Family Planning Advisory Service

Through the Family Planning Advisory Service (FPAS)  we provide information and advice to people in Malta about all matters related to sexual and reproductive health, and we help them access contraception and safe abortion services.

Permezz tal-Family Planning Advisory Service (FPAS) nipprovdu informazzjoni u pariri lin-nies f’Malta dwar kull ħaġa relatata mas-saħħa sesswali u riproduttiva, u ngħinuhom jaċċessaw servizzi ta’ kontraċezzjoni u abort sigur.



The Netherlands

ANA - Abortion Network Amsterdam

We are a group of volunteers who came together to create a network of support for women and pregnant people who don’t have access to safe abortion. This could be the case for a number of reasons:

-They don’t have access to legal abortion in their country of origin (e.g. Poland, Malta, Northern Ireland).
-The country they live in doesn’t provide second trimester abortions.
-They don’t have access to legal abortion because of their status in the country they live in.

Compared to other European countries where abortion is also legal, the Netherlands is of specific interest because of the later term until which an abortion is allowed. Most countries only provide abortions during the first trimester, which is until 12 weeks.

There are numerous reasons why someone could need a second trimester abortion. Pregnancies are not always discovered within the first trimester, for instance. In many countries first trimester abortions are only legal on paper, in practice they are not always accessible to everyone. With the changing political climate there has been an increasing demand for support related to women and pregnant people having to come to The Netherlands for an abortion.

We work closely with other abortion support networks like Abortion Dream Team in Poland, Ciocia Basia in Berlin and Abortion Support Network in London. Our work mainly concerns Polish women who are in need of a second trimester abortion, but we receive emails from people all over the world looking for help with an unintended pregnancy.

Practically our work involves helping to set up appointments, choosing the appropriate clinic in the Netherlands, making sure people have all the documents they need, helping with transportation, providing people travelling to The Netherlands with housing, translation aid and accompanying people to their appointment if requested.

Możesz do nas napisać również po Polsku!



Ciocia Wienia:

Ciocia Wienia from Vienna, the sister of Auntie Basia from Berlin, in an informal group of feminist activists. We support people from Poland and other countries, in which access to abortion is difficult or impossible, in organizing a legal procedure in Vienna. We provide information about reproductive rights and available forms of abortion in Austria, we help in the organization of travel, accommodation, abortion procedure, and translation. Whenever possible, we offer financial support. We provide a non-judgmental space for all people who are in an unwanted pregnancy: cis women, non-binary, trans, intersex and queer persons, regardless of nationality, legal status, and place of residency.



Xarxa La Meri
La Xarxa (La xarxa) La Meri és un espai de confiança i seguretat per a totes les dones que viuen i/o treballen al Principat d'Andorra, on i informa, assessora i acompanya a avortar des d'una perspectiva feminista. El que fem aquesta dins dels marges de la llei.
Si ens necessites o vols saber més contacta'ns:
La xarxa (La red) La Meri es un espacio de confianza y seguridad para todas las mujeres que viven y/o trabajan en el Principado de Andorra, donde e informa, asesora y acompaña a abortar desde una perspectiva feminista. Lo que hacemos esta dentro de los márgenes de la ley.
Si nos necesitas o quieres saber más contáctanos:
  • via signal/whatsapp o telegram al (+376) 64 64 64
  • Por mail
  • Instagram: @xarxalameri @stopviolencies_