hotlines and regional resources for family planning, abortion, and activism



    MAMA (Mobilizing Activists around Medical Abortion) Regional Network Website:   Uganda Safe Abortion Hotline: Aunt Kaki Toll Free: 0800 24 72 47 (MTN) / 0800 3473 47 (Airtel) Website:   Kenya 1. Safe Abortion Hotline:  Aunty Jane… Lees meer »

  • ASIA

    The Asia Safe Abortion Partnership has information on medical abortion in Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam Indonesia Samsara… Lees meer »


    Poland “ Abortion Without Borders ” aims to help anyone in Poland who contacts them to access a safe abortion. The initiative is the result of collaboration between six activist groups in four countries: Abortion Dream Team (Poland), Kobiety w Sieci (Poland), Women Help Women (global), Ciocia Basia… Lees meer »


    RED COMPAÑERA: Red Feministas de Acompañantes de Abortos de América Latina y del Caribe FB: Red Compañera IG: @ redcompafeminista email:   Argentina SOCORRISTAS EN RED Con información de contacto en diferentes regiones del país Bolivia LÍNEA… Lees meer »


    For clinics in Canada and the USA : www. /Pregnant/find/ or www. /health-center/findCenter.asp Clinics listed at these sites may be able to give a small grant to help pay for an abortion through the Justice Fund. There are funds throughout the US that may be able… Lees meer »