What if I miss a progestin only pill?


Progestin-only pills are more sensitive to timing than combined pills. In order for the pill to be most effective it is important to take it every day at the same hour. If a progestin-only pill is taken 3 hours or more after the chosen time (or 12 hours if the pill contains desogestrel (Cerazette), the pill is less effective and there is a risk of pregnancy.  If a progestin-only pill is forgotten for more than 3 hours or a desogestrel-only pill is forgotten more than 12 hours then a woman should:

  • Take the late or missed pill immediately.
  • Continue taking the pills as usual (this may mean taking 2 pills at the same time on the day she remembers).  She should not take more than 2 pills on the same day.
  • Use condoms or abstain from sex for 48 hours after the missed pill is taken.
  • Emergency Contraception may be advised if a woman has unprotected sex before the 48-hour period has passed since she returned to taking her pills regularly.