4 reasons why your donation really matters


We are asking you to make a donation to the Women’s Wallet nonprofit fund.

Thanks to your generosity:

  1. You support campaigns and projects promoting the pro-choice movement and reproductive rights. Together with its partner organizations, Women Help Women promotes activism, disseminates knowledge and provides access to necessary resources.
  2. You support access to reliable information about medical abortion, contraception and local services, such as abortion helplines.
  3. You subsidize organizations that work for women's rights so that they can function and run campaigns, as well as research.
  4. Among other things, thanks to your donation, the Women Help Women team is available online 16 hours a day offering help and support in several languages.


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  • why donate?

    The existence of organizations working for women's rights, including reproductive rights, is entirely dependent on donations from people who support their goals and philosophy of action.  We are grateful for any donation that is possible for you. Each donation helps keep many organizations active Read more »