gifts (non-cash donations)


Women Help Women and our partner organizations work to support and empower women around the world.  You can support us by donating goods or your expertise.  Some examples of what would be useful:

  • Transferable air miles from an airline or air tickets (so that activists all around the globe can meet, train each other and strategize)
  • Printers, scanners and other media devices, re-chargeable minutes for cellphones (so that activists can communicate more effectively)
  • Printed promotional materials via your printing services (so more people can get the information also offline)
  • Meeting spaces, office spaces, office furniture and devices, accommodation (so we can train other people)
  • Your expertise in IT, strategic planning, law, public relations, marketing (so we can grow stronger)


If you have other ideas about how to support to Women Help Women, write to us at info at We look forward to your creative ideas!