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  • sumber daya global untuk informasi dan aktivisme

    Women Help Women Partners  including Safe Abortion Hotlines International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion  Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights Abortion Laws Map Abortion Laws around the World International Planned Parenthood Federation  Marie Stopes International     Read more »

  • layanan telepon dan sumber daya regional untuk keluarga berencana, aborsi dan aktivisme

    Read more »

  • informasi tambahan dalam aborsi medis

    Women Help Women Gynuity How to Use Abortion Pill International Consortium for Medical Abortion   Ipas Ibis Reproductive Health Misoprostol Information Women on Waves Read more »

  • informasi tambahan dalam kontrasepsi

    Reproductive Health Access Project Emergency Contraception - Princeton University Contraceptive IPPF Women Help Women Read more »