When can I start contraceptives?


Women may start hormonal contraception (pill, skin patch, shot, implant) up to 5 days after taking misoprostol. That way they will be immediately protected.15,35,36 Women who choose the vaginal ring for birth control should insert it 2 or 3 days after taking mifepristone.

If a woman starts any hormonal method more than 5 days after the abortion she should use a barrier method (like condoms) in the first 7 days (9 days if she uses pills called Qlaira), until the hormonal method reaches its maximum efficacy in her body.15,35,36

An Intrauterine Device (IUD) can be inserted as soon as a complete abortion has been confirmed or during the first menstruation after the abortion.  Caps, sponges, diaphragms spermicidal foams, jellies or vaginal tablets can be used as soon as sexual intercourse is resumed. Methods based on fertility awareness can be used once regular menstrual cycles have resumed.15,35,36