practical information


  • How can I get medical abortion or contraceptives?

    In some countries women can get a medical abortion (abortion with pills) and some types of contraceptives in a clinic. Misoprostol is a medicine that can cause an abortion and it is available in some countries at pharmacies. If you live in a country where you are unable to get a safe abortion, and… Lees meer »

  • How does this service work?

    To access medical abortion: Fill in the online consultation. It takes about 10 minutes. You will be asked questions about your health to understand whether the requested product is safe to use for you. If it is not, this will be immediately communicated to you in the questionnaire. In addition to… Lees meer »

  • What donation is requested for this service?

    We will ask you to contribute to a non-profit fund. The contributions are not a payment, but a donation towards our non-profit cause. We suggest a contribution of 75 Euro for medical abortion, but please give as much as you can.  Examples of kindly suggested contributions for contraceptives: The… Lees meer »

  • Are the medicines good quality?

    The medicines are high quality and manufactured by approved and reputable pharmaceutical companies. Lees meer »

  • Is it legal for me to use this service?

    Most countries allow for people importing small quantities of medicines, for private own use, and not any commercial purposes. Women that reside in countries where women’s rights are not respected and abortion is still legally restricted can say they are experiencing a miscarriage if they need to… Lees meer »