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  • What are male condoms?

    A condom is a thin rubber (latex or polyurethane) balloon that fits over the penis when the penis is erect. The condom stops sperm from entering the vagina, so it prevents pregnancy.  Condoms are 98% effective in preventing pregnancy if used correctly (every time a couple has sex). Because sexually… Lees meer »

  • How does a male condom work?

    Condoms stop the sperm from reaching the egg by creating a physical barrier to prevent fertilization. When used according to instructions, the male condom is 98% effective. This means that two women out of 100 will get pregnant in a year. If it is not used according to instructions, more women will… Lees meer »

  • How should I use a condom?

    It is important that a man's penis does not make contact with a woman's vagina before a condom has been put on. This is because semen can come out of the penis before a man has fully ejaculated (cum). If this happens, or if semen leaks into the vagina while using a condom, a woman should consider… Lees meer »

  • What if the male condom breaks during sex?

    If correctly used it is rare for the condom to break or slip off. If the condom breaks or slips, there is no protection against pregnancy.  Therefore a woman may need to use emergency contraception and both partners may want to consider getting tested for STIs. Lees meer »

  • What are the advantages of the male condom?

    Male condoms are 98% effective in preventing pregnancy if used correctly.  Most users experience no side effects, unless they are allergic to latex or spermicides.  (In these cases there are special types of condoms that can be used.)  If either partner experiences skin irritation with a latex… Lees meer »

  • What are the disadvantages of the male condom?

    Condoms must be used correctly to prevent pregnancy.  If a condom is not put on before the penis touches the vagina, pregnancy can occur, because some sperm may come out of the penis before the condom is put on.  Condoms can be torn accidently with fingernails or jewelry, or when opening the… Lees meer »